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Britney Spears – He About To Lose Me (Unplugged)

  Featured on her latest album Femme Fatale, this fan made Unplugged version of the track utilises untouched vocals with minimal music. Amazing.


2011: For The Record

  After watching For The Record, the Documentary Britney Spears made after her apparent recovery from her breakdown, it made me think about the approaching new year, and how it’s seen by many as the perfect time to both reflect and move on. Whether you choose to celebrate the new year or not, dwindling on the past twelve months is unavoidable, after all, events we go through help form who we are now. Whether or not that’s a good thing is up to you. Up until now, I have never made a new years resolution, seeing them as an unnecessery road to inevitable failure. However, such reluctance might be contributing to the fact that some aspects of my life see little to no progression year after year.

For that reason, I’m taking the plunge, and setting myself some targets for 2012. And I will not fail.

1) Fitness

Since leaving Sixth Form in 2009, I’ve had the eating habits of a dirt-poor Uni student. Despite having a mother who cooks amazingly well, I still prefer to live off crisps, chocolate, noodles, and caffeine. And quite frankly, I want my 2009 body back. It was hot.

2) Work

Despite going back to University in September 2012, I will be aiming to start work again in January until then. Having gone from one miserable job to another in the past few years, I will be finding one that is both enjoyable and beneficial.

3) Study

After cocking up one degree already, through no fault of my own, this time I shall work my ass off, because I don’t plan on going to University a third time.

4) Smoking and Drinking

Let’s face it, we all love to drink. Some of us like to smoke and drink. These days however, our youth shouldn’t be spent nursing hangovers and coughing like a pensioner with an infected lung. We all deserve a good time, but in moderation.

5) Partners and friends

Everytime someone hurts us, we go on the warpath of blame. What we don’t often remember, is that we chose to give them a key to our hearts and lives. Instead of blaming, try and remember that we do have control over our destiny.


Until we reflect, life is just a series of random events; It’s when we stop and think that it becomes clear we do have the power to decide our future.


Have a great 2012 everyone!


Nadia Oh – Fqn Amazing

  British popstress Nadia Oh, who released one of the best albums of 2011 ‘Colours‘ in May, dropped a new track tonight; Fqn Amazing. Colours was one of the best albums of the year, released and recorded independently, subsequently gaining a great response from online blogs and music forums. Her blend of  auto tuned vocals, use of  innovative musical hybrid styles and knockout looks have turned her into an underground star.

  Her 2011 single ‘Taking Over The Dancefloor’ was nominated for Popjustice‘ annual £20 music prize, which celebrates the best pop music of that year.

  Check out Fqn Amazing below:



Hurts – Wonderful Life

The second single from their under-rated 2010 debut ‘Happiness‘ is a modern classic, managing to create an atmospheric sound that somehow leaves you split evenly between feelings of joy and sorrow.


Goldfrapp – The Singles (6th February 2012)

Goldfrapp are a strange band. Despite bothering the UK top ten only three times in their eleven year chart presence, they have maintained a reputation as one of the most consistent bands around. Each one of their five albums has been an individual beast, achieving individual praise, counteracting any alienated fans with brand new ones. Felt Mountain and Black Cherry caught the attention of the critics, Supernature saw their biggest chart success, whilst follow up’s Seventh Tree and Head First quietly solidified them as a consistently brilliant moderately album band.

Released in February is a greatest hits of sorts, a collection of 14 of the bands singles, and it’s a smartly chosen track-list.

The collection opens with three of the bands most accessible tunes; Ooh La La, Number 1, and Strict Machine. All three tracks take inspiration from seventies disco music, blending lead singer Alison Goldfrapp’s silky vocals with various synths and laser sounds. The bands first even two singles Lovely Head and Utopia follow, and the sharp difference in artistry and style is a tad distracting. Whilst both are great tracks, and indeed raised awareness of the band, they should have been placed at the beginning of the album. The next two singles are A+E and Happiness, in my opinion, their two best singles. Taken from Seventh Tree, the latter is a somber, deceiving syrupy, slow burning track that features a twist that gets me every time, whilst the former is a much perkier offering, a welcome reprieve after the latter’s gut wrenching subject matter. Train and White Horse follow, both solid tracks, yet they suffer being placed next to the previous two tracks. Rocket and Believer follow, their two most recent singles, both influenced by eighties dance music, both poor. Fortunately Black Cherry is next, a killer of a track that doesn’t quite go anywhere, instead choosing to coast along blissfully. The album I’m told will be released with two new tracks, which I have not been sent. If I manage to get them, I will edit accordingly. For now: 7/10

Britney Spears – Strangest Love (New track)

Leaked today (Merry Britmas!), the track is most likely from In The Zone or Blackout

Understated, and un-autotuned vocals, and subtle, yet dark production make this a nice bonus from the Queen of Pop.

Britney Spears – Turn It Up (Femme Fatale cut)

Cut from the tracklist, great track, if a little….rough around the edges vocally, but that’s to be expected from a demo I suppose.

Christmas Blues?

Typically one of the most depressing day’s of the year, despite the billion pound worldwide advertising and marketing work that bookend them, both Christmas Day and New Years Eve are often less than desirable prospects. Loss of a loved one, loneliness, tough year fatigue can all contribute to these feelings. And despite what Channel 4 said the other day, watching It’s A Wonderful Life will not help.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite christmassy tunes, enjoy! Now stop being miserable and put all your energy into making Christmas 2012 better!



Rihanna – You Da One (Video)

After shifting over a million copies of her Talk That Talk record, released in November, Rihanna has released the video for second single You Da One. First single We Found Love is still riding high on the worldwide charts, and it appears that this single will do equally well.


Sugababes – Can We Call A Truce

Until the Sugababes release new material in early 2012, it’s worth giving their stellar discography another listen in preparation. As we only really have The Saturday’s at the minute, the babes are well missed, not least for their fantastic voices, something every one of the Saturday’s lack.

One of their best tracks appeared on their 2008 record Catfights + Spotlights. A heartbreaking ballad about fighting lovers craving a resolution, it features the girls best vocals to date. Especially impressive is Heidi Range, who carries the second verse with a heartbreaking fragility.



Check it out, comments welcome!