Britney – Gimme More (Original Video)

  Filmed in 2007, during one of Britney’s low points, what was eventually released as the video for Gimme More is generally accepted as her worst video ever. Filmed over three days, what actually found it’s way into the final video represents only a small amount of what was actually filmed. The finished video, the one on music stations and iTunes, takes place entirely inside a club, and sees two versions of Britney; one pole dancing, and the other watching.

Although the song was a hit, the video was ridiculed. Britney appeared lifeless and generally bored throughout the entire thing. To make matters worse, the rapid fire editing made it difficult to actually see anything. This was because a large amount of the filmed footage was scrapped, instead they focused on the pole dancing scenes, even though there wasn’t enough to fill a three minute video. A few months after release, an uncut version leaked onto the net, featuring the same pole dancing scenes, yet displayed Spears dancing without a top, with only her nipples covered.

The original video was planned by Britney to have been much darker. The intended plot was to have two Britney characters, and one of them kill the other, and dance at her funeral. This was supposed to signify the birth of a brand new Britney Spears. This helps explain why there are two Britney’s present in the club scenes.

Well now is the chance to get a better look at what was originally intended to feature in the video. A more complete version of the original video has leaked, and features new scenes, including Britney singing the song down the street, and another of her on a bed, looking a million times better than she does in the released version.

Sadly, although the funeral scenes were filmed, they haven’t found their way onto the internet yet. Give it time however, they always do…



Let me know what you think! Which version do you prefer? Why do you think the scenes were scrapped, in favour of more unflattering pole dancing shots?



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