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Sugababes – Freedom (Official Video)

  Whilst the Babes are on hiatus, it’s the perfect time to reintroduce yourself with their last single; Freedom. Although it was eventually released as a free download on Amazon, due to lack of radio support, it had a music video produced, although this was ignored as well.


B*Witched – Where Will You Go (The comeback that never was…)

  After arriving Denim-clad on the music scene in 1998, B*Witched achieved the astonishing feat of seeing their first four singles reach number one in the charts. The accompanying album went double-Platinum, and it looked like the girls were the hottest new stars around. Such was their appeal, the album even sold a million copies in America, a notoriously difficult market to conquer. The girls toured successfully, and went into the studio to record the follow-up.

  Released almost a year after their debut, ‘Awake and Breathe’ had a much less impressive chart run, eventually attaining Platinum sales, yet with poorer results for the singles, only one out of three making the top ten. Despite the setback, the band flew to America and continued touring.

  The band spent 2001 recording material for their third album, eventually deciding on ‘Where Will You Go’ as the first single, to be released in June 2002. After flying to Africa to shoot the video, the band received a call from the label which stated they were to be dropped. The track remained unreleased until 2011, when it leaked onto the internet. Good enough to be a comeback track? Listen below.

Alexandra Burke – Elephant

  After running away with The X-Factor crown in 2008, Alexandra Burke saw her debut album sell fantastically well, with a string of successful singles, including four number ones. Despite her success, Burke spent most of 2010 and 2011 brushing off reports of record label conflicts, regarding the material for her second album.

  Nevertheless, the first single from the untitled record has been released to radio. ‘Elephant’ will be released digitally on March 11th, listen below:


Ashley Tisdale Feat. Katy Perry – Time’s Up

  After hitting the big time with debut album ‘One Of The Boys’ in 2008, Katy Perry maintained a lucrative side career as a writer for other artists. One of the tracks she wrote was ‘Time’s Up’, originally intended as a track for herself. She eventually gave the track to Ashley Tisdale, for inclusion on her second album ‘Guilty Pleasure’.

  The track eventually became an iTunes bonus track, effectively remaining unknown to most people. The album under-performed, yet it remains unexpectedly solid for Disney star standards.

  Here’s a mashup of both singers versions, effectively making a duet:




Lindsay Lohan – Spirit In The Dark (Unreleased third album)

 Notorious hellraiser Lindsay Lohan’s career is so dead at the minute it’s hard to remember a time when she had the world at her finger tips. Number one movies, a Platinum selling recording artist, and an aspiring fashion designer, all at the age of 21, until alcohol, drugs, and approximately 900 lawsuits and arrests killed her credibility.

  Her first album ‘Rumours’, coincided with her trio of hit movies; ‘Freaky Friday’, ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’. The album was a big success, despite her having the vocal range of a book, and it looked like Lindsay was here to stay. Her second album was 2005’s ‘A Little More Personal’, which was released at the beginning of her downward spiral into alcohol addiction. Released with no promotion, it bombed, as did the couple of films she managed to film in between visits to the clubs.

  Between 2008 and 2010, Lindsay spent time in the studio recording tracks for her third album, tentatively titled on various press releases as ‘Spirit In The Dark’. She revealed the album would be a lot more adult, as opposed to her previous two which were aimed directly at the teen market. A promotional single titled Bossy was released in summer 2008, yet failed to chart anywhere due to her reputation overshadowing it.  After that, it all went quiet, and as it stands, she is still in and out of jail and court-rooms.

  Nevertheless, seven tracks have leaked, mostly finished tracks that would have been featured on the record:

  • Bossy
  • I Wanna Be Bad
  • Walka Not A Talks Feat. Snoop Dogg
  • Stuck
  • Stay
  • Too Young To Die
  • Can’t Stop/Won’t Stop

  Despite being minimally talented vocally, it’s still a shame she cannot get her act together, because she knows how to make the most out of her 0.01 Octave range. The tracks can be found online, listen to I Wanna Be Bad below:


Lacuna Coil – Dark Adreneline

  Italian rockers Lacuna Coil are on their sixth studio album, the latest of which, Dark Adreneline, was released on Monday, and it’s their best effort yet, despite being saddled with an unnecesery cover of the REM classic ‘Losing My Religion’. The band previously covered the Depeche Mode masterpiece ‘Enjoy The Silence’ on 2006′ Karmacode, and they did it wonderfully, which makes the  faux paux even more frustrating.

  Lead single ‘Trip The Darkness’ was recently included on the soundtrack to the worldwide number one movie Underworld: Awakening, the success of which may have given the band some well deserved attention. The track is the best on the record.

  Check out the video for Trip The Darkness below, comments welcome!















Lana Del Rey – Dark Paradise

  Fresh from her recent recent controversial performance on Saturday Night Live, a performance that was reviled and adored in equal measure, 2012 hot shot Lana Del Rey will unleash her mainstream debut  album Born To Die on January 30th. Having been hammering the sampler for about two weeks non-stop, I feel it’s time for some recommendations.  Singles Video Games and Blue Jeans are probably already on your radar, but if not, check them out on iTunes. There are no songs on the record that are less than fantastic, yet one stands head and shoulders above the rest as an absolute masterpiece of a tune.

  Dark Paradise, written by the singer, reflects on the continued sorrow left after a collapsed relationship. The track fires melancholia everywhere, with vocals that appear to see Rey seconds away from tears, yet still finds moments of positivity. Despite her nervous performance on SNL, it’s clear the star has a marvellous voice, along with the ability to make the listener feel exactly as she does.

Not many people can sing the line ”I wish I was dead” and make us believe them.

Check out the track below: (Bear in mind it’s had the pitch altered in order to avoid deletion by the copyright police)


Sticks&Stones; Nicola Roberts Anti-Bullying campaign 2012

  After the sad news this week, regarding yet another juvenile suicide because of bullying, it’s become clear to many people that something needs to be done.  America saw a spat of suicides last year that were down to homophobic bullying. Not adults, but children. Children who alternated their time between school and home still faced merciless bullying without anything being done.

  Former Girls Aloud member and current solo star Nicola Roberts met with Education Secretary Michael Grove this week, in the hope of raising awareness of how much bullying goes on, as well as to observe the methods currently in place to prevent it. Nicola revealed her own stories in her track ‘Sticks and Stones’, telling the story of how she felt after the ruthless bullying she faced from both the press and even some of the public.  Nicola requested fans to email her with their own stories, which she then shared with Mr Grove.

  Frankly, Nicola deserves praise for putting so much effort into something which is clearly close to her heart. She stated that Grove was in shock at some of the stories and the extent of the torment some people faced. Whatever the outcome of the campaign, it’s clear that many more people are becoming aware just what is going on in playgrounds and classrooms nowadays.

Here are a few ‘born this way’ anthems;

Ke$ha – We R Who We R


Nicola Roberts – Sticks+Stones


Lily Allen – Fuck You


Emeli Sande – Next to Me (February 12th)

  Rising British star Emeli Sande releases her debut album ‘Our Version Of Events’ on February 13th, with her third single ‘Next to Me’ released digitally the day before. Her first true uptempo, the track is perhaps her best yet, showcasing her stunning vocals along with an infectious backing track. Video below:


Song of the day: Cody Draiken – Killer Bod

I recently linked you to Cody Draiken’s SoundCloud, which featured a song called Killer Bod.  A few days later, I’m still hammering it…. After initially preferring the ‘LoveMeToDeath‘ Remix, I’ve now fallen in absolute love with the original. With sexy vocals, smart lyrics, and a dubstep breakdown that would make Britney Spears ‘Hold It Against’ him, it’s an absolute choon.

Here’s a tip; Play it LOUD!

Also, here is another picture, with some annoying pixellation that I’ve tried to remove, to no avail. Better luck next time Paul… Song below the pic!