Lana Del Rey – Dark Paradise

  Fresh from her recent recent controversial performance on Saturday Night Live, a performance that was reviled and adored in equal measure, 2012 hot shot Lana Del Rey will unleash her mainstream debut  album Born To Die on January 30th. Having been hammering the sampler for about two weeks non-stop, I feel it’s time for some recommendations.  Singles Video Games and Blue Jeans are probably already on your radar, but if not, check them out on iTunes. There are no songs on the record that are less than fantastic, yet one stands head and shoulders above the rest as an absolute masterpiece of a tune.

  Dark Paradise, written by the singer, reflects on the continued sorrow left after a collapsed relationship. The track fires melancholia everywhere, with vocals that appear to see Rey seconds away from tears, yet still finds moments of positivity. Despite her nervous performance on SNL, it’s clear the star has a marvellous voice, along with the ability to make the listener feel exactly as she does.

Not many people can sing the line ”I wish I was dead” and make us believe them.

Check out the track below: (Bear in mind it’s had the pitch altered in order to avoid deletion by the copyright police)


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