Lindsay Lohan – Spirit In The Dark (Unreleased third album)

 Notorious hellraiser Lindsay Lohan’s career is so dead at the minute it’s hard to remember a time when she had the world at her finger tips. Number one movies, a Platinum selling recording artist, and an aspiring fashion designer, all at the age of 21, until alcohol, drugs, and approximately 900 lawsuits and arrests killed her credibility.

  Her first album ‘Rumours’, coincided with her trio of hit movies; ‘Freaky Friday’, ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’. The album was a big success, despite her having the vocal range of a book, and it looked like Lindsay was here to stay. Her second album was 2005’s ‘A Little More Personal’, which was released at the beginning of her downward spiral into alcohol addiction. Released with no promotion, it bombed, as did the couple of films she managed to film in between visits to the clubs.

  Between 2008 and 2010, Lindsay spent time in the studio recording tracks for her third album, tentatively titled on various press releases as ‘Spirit In The Dark’. She revealed the album would be a lot more adult, as opposed to her previous two which were aimed directly at the teen market. A promotional single titled Bossy was released in summer 2008, yet failed to chart anywhere due to her reputation overshadowing it.  After that, it all went quiet, and as it stands, she is still in and out of jail and court-rooms.

  Nevertheless, seven tracks have leaked, mostly finished tracks that would have been featured on the record:

  • Bossy
  • I Wanna Be Bad
  • Walka Not A Talks Feat. Snoop Dogg
  • Stuck
  • Stay
  • Too Young To Die
  • Can’t Stop/Won’t Stop

  Despite being minimally talented vocally, it’s still a shame she cannot get her act together, because she knows how to make the most out of her 0.01 Octave range. The tracks can be found online, listen to I Wanna Be Bad below:


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  1. i love her. it needs to release

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