Sticks&Stones; Nicola Roberts Anti-Bullying campaign 2012

  After the sad news this week, regarding yet another juvenile suicide because of bullying, it’s become clear to many people that something needs to be done.  America saw a spat of suicides last year that were down to homophobic bullying. Not adults, but children. Children who alternated their time between school and home still faced merciless bullying without anything being done.

  Former Girls Aloud member and current solo star Nicola Roberts met with Education Secretary Michael Grove this week, in the hope of raising awareness of how much bullying goes on, as well as to observe the methods currently in place to prevent it. Nicola revealed her own stories in her track ‘Sticks and Stones’, telling the story of how she felt after the ruthless bullying she faced from both the press and even some of the public.  Nicola requested fans to email her with their own stories, which she then shared with Mr Grove.

  Frankly, Nicola deserves praise for putting so much effort into something which is clearly close to her heart. She stated that Grove was in shock at some of the stories and the extent of the torment some people faced. Whatever the outcome of the campaign, it’s clear that many more people are becoming aware just what is going on in playgrounds and classrooms nowadays.

Here are a few ‘born this way’ anthems;

Ke$ha – We R Who We R


Nicola Roberts – Sticks+Stones


Lily Allen – Fuck You


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  1. Sticks + stones sounds so good!

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