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Britney Spears – Money, Love & Happiness (written by Michelle Bell)

Back in 2005 when Britney Spears began work on her Original Doll album, several tracks were completed, yet apart from a couple, have remained locked away, leaving fans anxious to hear what the sessions resulted in. Tracks such as Look Who’s Talking have leaked already, receiving a great reception from the fans. One of the writers, Michelle Bell, recently revealed short clips of two songs fans have been waiting years for; Money, Love and Happiness, and Peep Show, leaving fans foaming at the mouth to hear the full products.

Hear the Money, Love & Happiness clips below:

Britney Spears for US X-Factor?

Rumors are spreading that Britney Spears is close to signing a deal to be a judge on The X-Factor USA.  Figures of $10-$16 million are being thrown around, reinforcing her status as one of the biggest stars in the world. Both parties have yet to confirm or deny the rumors, yet it’s clear it HAS been discussed.  Watch this space…

Amelle Berrabah – God Won’t Save U Now (Review)

Since replacing Mutya Buena in the Sugababes in early 2006, Amelle Berrabah has gone from strength to strength vocally, as well as outlasting Buena’s tenure in the Babes. After the disappointment of the 2011 Sugababes release Freedom, the group have gone on hiatus, whilst the members pursue individual projects.

After spending the past few months in the studio, Amelle revealed a 48 second snippet of a track called ‘God Won’t Save U Now‘, a collaboration with production duo DBX, which will serve as the lead single to her forthcoming debut album. Radically different to the Sugababes material, the track is a dubstep infused song that finally gives Amelle a chance to shine on her own.

After the full track was accidentally posted on her official SoundCloud page, I managed to listen to the full version. I am slayed.  Opening with a piano intro, before blasting straight into a heavy, pulsating bass-line, the track rarely lets up throughout its entire run time. The vocal performance is astounding. Although a talented singer, this is the first time I’ve heard Amelle thoroughly own a song. She doesn’t get lost within the instrumental, and shows off some impressive notes throughout the song. The song is dark without being overly moody, and is better than anything currently placing in the UK top ten.  It’s your turn Heidi…

A proper review will follow upon official release. To simplify; 5/5

Evanescence – Made of Stone (May 2012)

Evanescence front-woman Amy Lee has officially announced the third track from the bands self titled third record will be ‘Made Of Stone‘. After shifting nearly a million copies of the album, as well as their highest critical praise yet, the band are currently touring sold out venues world-wide. After featuring in remix form on the soundtrack to Underworld: Awakening in January, it was speculated that would be the version released as a single, although this has been confirmed to be false.

As far as the song goes, it’s one of the strongest tracks on the album, certainly one with a good chance of success, something which second single ‘My Heart Is Broken‘ struggled to gain.


Check out a live performance of the track below;



Madonna – The Complete Studio Albums 1983-2008 (March 26th)

On 26th March 2012, the same day as the release of Madonna’s highly anticipated ‘MDNA’ record, her old record label, Warner, will release a box set featuring her first eleven records. From 1983’s ‘Madonna‘, to 2008’s ‘Hard Candy‘, each album will come packaged in a paper sleeve, contained in a clamshell box. Available for pre-order now, the £27.99 collection is an ideal item either for fans or new listeners.


Worth noting however, is the fact that out of the eleven records, only the first three are remastered, a wasted opportunity on behalf of the label. The box contains:

Disc 1 – Madonna (Reissued Version)

The album that brought her to the forefront of the pop scene all those years ago, featuring ‘Burning Up’.

Disc 2 – Like A Virgin (Reissued Version)

The album that transformed her from pop star to phenomenon. Featuring ‘Material Girl’.

Disc 3 – True Blue (Reissued Version)

Papa Don’t Preach and the title track are the highlights from this record.

Disc 4 – Like A Prayer

Express Yourself among others feature on this one.

Disc 5 – Erotica

Her most controversial record, also one of her best.

Disc 6 – Bedtime Stories

Human Nature and Take a Bow, fantastic album.

Disc 7 – Ray of Light

Arguably her masterpiece.

Disc 8 – Music

A great follow-up to Ray of Light, featuring Don’t Tell Me.

Disc 9 – American Life

This record includes her James Bond theme ‘Die Another Day’, and was met with much criticism due to the Anti-American subtext.

Disc 10 – Confessions on A Dance Floor

One of her most successful releases, the ABBA-sampling Hung Up returned her to the top of the charts in a big way.

Disc 11 – Hard Candy

Arguably her worst record, due to the use of trend following producers such as Timbaland. It does however feature ‘Voices’, one of her best ever tracks.


Nadia Oh – Slapper (Ayye) + interview

After releasing a preview on YouTube last week, Slapper (Ayye), the latest pop masterpiece from Nadia Oh was released today, on Amazon. If you’re familiar with ‘Colours’, her flawless 2011 record, expect more of the same and you will be very happy. Read my interview below and find out what her plans for 2012 are.

It’s been nearly a year since the release of second album ‘Colours’. How have you found the response, from both the critics and the fans?

So far so good! Have had really positive feedback which is what I had hoped for, and have had some amazing support which am really happy and grateful for!

Your music gets classified as everything from ‘dance’, to ‘electro’, to even ‘weird pop’. How would YOU describe it?

I can’t really put a genre on it either lol;)!  We just had fun making it and vibe with different styles, like we’ll be checking out dem blogs and urban stuff and just bounce around ideas.

I can’t get ready for a night out without playing the album from start to finish, and sometimes even when I’m in the taxi… Was it your aim to create a ‘party record’?

Thank you and absolutely, like that night life,theres always something crazy going on at the weekends lol;)!

How did it feel to be nominated for the 2011 Popjustice £20 Music Prize, up against acts such as The Saturday’s and Adele? It’s quite an achievement…

Was totally unexpected,like how did that happen lol;)! I just make songs that i think sound cool and hope people will like too, so its always lovely when people enjoy the music.

Who of the current crop of UK Pop-stars are you enjoying at the minute?

Such a lot of great artists about at the moment so can’t put my finger on any one inparticular, but Labrinth, Tinie Tempah, Calvin Harris!

If you could record a duet with absolutely any artist, who would it be?

OMG, that’s a big question! RiRi, Lil Wayne, Drake, Chris Brown, Lab for sure! Love A$ap Rocky and Lil B too!

What does Nadia Oh do when not recording?

Gym crazy lol socialising, Clubbing, shopping, chillin with fam and sleeping lol;)!

Since the release of your album, you’ve released a few songs online. Any plans for a third album or an EP?        

Yah, just trying some different styles,constantly working on new songs and some cool collabs coming up!

Any tour dates or club appearances lined up?

Been working on Ableton for spinning, so going to be doing DJ and live show and will put up when confirmed!

Finally, what’s your main aim for 2012?

Wow! Recording and mixing new songs at the moment and live performing and DJ more, and have more fun!


Slapper (Ayye) Purchase here:


Still addicted…

Digital Noise

Just as I was getting anxious, waiting for new music from Nadia Oh and Ke$ha, who are responsible for all my favourite party tunes, Cody Draiken appears! A Hollywood guy, he is currently working on his debut album, releasing a few tracks online as a taster. At first glance his music appears to paint him as a male version of Ke$ha, albeit much cleaner and with a sexier voice. And not that it’s important, but he also looks like this:

If that picture doesn’t inspire you to check out his tunes, nothing will. His currently released tracks include; Killer Bod, an electro pop tune that’s flawless, Not Too Drunk To Dance, which is the song that invites the comparisons to Ke$ha, with its focus on alcohol and dancing. Check out a remix of Killer Bod below, in a remix that utilises the dub-step elements whilst still keeping…

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Introducing Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira is fast gaining a substantial amount of hype for her forthcoming debut album. At only nineteen years old, she has a considerable portfolio of modelling and acting jobs under her belt, and she now appears ready to conquer the music world. Her debut EP ‘As If’ was released last year, and saw critical raves. Check out snippets of some of her tracks below: