Five reasons why Britney Spears shouldn’t do The X-Factor

Incase you’ve been living on Pluto for the last decade, Britney Spears is the biggest selling female of the last decade, with over 150 million record sales, countless sold out concerts, as well as tabloid coverage second to none. With a judging chair on The X-Factor USA almost certain to happen, it’s incredible how polarized people’s opinions are. Whilst some agree she is the perfect choice for the role, others believe it’s a mistake. I for one believe it is a grave error, and have gathered five reasons why!

1: She’s Britney Spears.

She doesn’t require a career lift like Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera did when they went down the talent show route. Her latest album, last year’s Femme Fatale, was her lowest selling yet, but it still went Platinum. Hardly cause for panic.

2: She’s under a conservator-ship.

Brit’s fiance was recently given the task of taking responsibility of her finances and business decisions.  According to the courts and her family, she’s incapable of making her own choices and thinking for herself, despite spending the majority of last year undertaking a grueling touring schedule. Is a place on a high-profile show a good idea?

3: She barely speaks.

Brit’s recent interviews and appearances have inspired some to label her ‘Cue-card-ney’, due to her apparent inability to say anything that isn’t scripted. What’s unclear is whether or not this is her own decision, or one on behalf of her team. There is an immense pressure on talent show judges to gain attention with their comments. I can see it now;

Simon: ”That was just awful. The vocals were poor, that was definitely the wrong song choice.. Britney, what did you think?’

Britney: ”Um, it was cool. Um,  like it. Yeah. 

No thank you.

4: She lip-syncs.

As much as I love Britney, and have been impressed on numerous occasions with her voice, she hasn’t sung live enough times to warrant criticizing other people’s voices. Whilst she has come a long way in the last ten years, out-distancing her peers, she simply has no right to judge voices. This is coming from someone who loves her; can you imagine the reaction from a regular viewer? I’m aware Cheryl Cole, a woman who sings like she’s trying to swallow gravel, escaped such comments, but she was the UK’s darling at the time, Britney’s profile here is almost non-existent.

5: I couldn’t really think of a fifth, so here’s a nice live video of miss Spears:


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