The Saturday’s – 30 Days EP (Out Now)

Since fourth album On Your Radar has become their lowest selling yet, someone clearly thought the bands savior would be a re-release. Whilst the albums three singles all went to twenty and sold well, the album scraped in at number 23, before disappearing from trace. When you consider the fact that the other three albums went top ten, you can’t help but think that maybe they just didn’t connect with the public this time; leaving a re-release slightly pointless.

Nevertheless, 30 Days has been released as the first single from the forthcoming repackaged album, and is currently sitting at number one on the iTunes album chart, due to the inclusion of two B-Sides and two remixes. The song individually is sitting outside the top ten, at eleven. The song itself is fine, being finely produced and well sung (by their standards that is). The frustrating thing is, there are many better songs on the album, three of which leave this particular song in the dust. And although it’s sitting proudly at the top of iTunes, it’s in no doubt due to pre-orders from the fan-base, meaning it’ll likely slide down during the week. B-Side Turn Myself In has been highly anticipated by fans since it was performed on their last tour, leaving its placement on the EP a likely strategy to ensure a decent chart placing. It’s barely worth the one listen to be brutally honest.

Much better is The Way You Watch Me. An On Your Radar album track featuring Travie McCoy, the version here is a Saturday’s only one, with a previously unheard second verse and a much more pleasant listening experience. Also included is a karaoke version, as well as two average remixes. I can’t help but think the problem the band has it lack of identity, as opposed to unappealing music. Crap tunes never stopped Girls Aloud sustaining continued success; why do The Saturday’s never seem to gain any ground?

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