Cody Draiken Interview + Brand new single

Cody Draiken is rapidly making waves in the music world. After listening to the tracks he’s released so far, it’s certainly not hard to see why. Catchy production, cocky lyrics and a sexy voice, what’s not to like? Displaying enough swagger to charge Cher Lloyd for a year, he’s making a name for himself as the one to watch. Draiken has released his latest track today, already receiving heaps of praise, much of it commenting on his break-out potential. Titled Vacuum, it’s been a long-awaited treat for fans, after a couple of snippets were posted online. It’s also, a certified choon, with one of the craziest, catchiest and hard breakdows of recent memory.

I’ve previously written about his existing singles ‘Killer Bod’ and ‘Dirty Talker’, which remain flawlessly executed pop cuts that manage to integrate into 2012, as well as sounding fresh and post-modern. The dubstep breakdown in Killer Bod for example? Came yonks before it started being the norm.

To introduce him to a lot of people, as well as provide something to his existing fans, I thought I’d speak to the man himself, find out what makes him tick, as well as his plans for the rest of 2012!

Name: Cody Draiken
Residence: Currently living in North Hollywood
Age: 23 years old
Genre: I’d compare my music style as a cross between pop, electro, and experimental combined with a bit of a raspy, edgier voice. I even have songs, like Killer Bod, that feature a little dubstep. Ultimately, my team and I try to create catchy music.

What inspired you to become a musician? 

I have always loved music. In grade school I use to sing Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys with my cousin in the talent shows. Haha. Now that I’m in my 20’s, it’s so embarrassing to watch those talent show videos but looking back, those were the best moments of my childhood… I loved every minute of it and that’s what started my addiction to music.

When I moved to California I met Robert Platz, a drummer and producer from North Hollywood, and we instantly hit it off. He understood my vision, we eventually came up with my 1st song “Killer Bod” and we’ve been making music ever since. We make a rad team and I love the kid to death, he’s super talented for being only 20 years old.

Who are your musical influences?

God, there are so many! Ummm, producer-writer wise, I’m really inspired by Dr. Luke, Max Martin, and Benny Blanco. Those guys are seriously amazing and so talented at what they do. When it comes to singers, there’s a list! I honestly couldn’t pick… I have so many favorites.

Just in general, a lot of people in my life are big influences when it comes to simply writing. The good and the bad. My new song “Vacuum” came from one of the bad… Haha.

Are you planning on collating your releases into an EP or album?

I plan on releasing an EP or two and then an album. Robert Platz and I have been working on a load of demos, so we’ll eventually sit down to select which songs make the EP(s) & album and which ones get cut off from life support. 😛

Can you tease about any other songs? Lyrics/favorite titles etc

Well, “Vacuum” is definitely my baby right now. It was one of the first songs I’ve written, so it will always be a favorite… but a few that would make my “Top F-ing Rad 5 List” would be, “Hit Record”, “Ouija Board”, “Dirty Talker”, “1, 2, 3, 4”, and “Super Glue”. Number one would have to be “Hit Record”.

Was it your intention to create the perfect party soundtrack?

I’ve always told myself that if my music can help someone forget about life’s problems for 5 or even 15 minutes, then I’ve done my job. So I never wanted to be taken too seriously… I’m here to party with the world and the world should tag along and party with me…. So let’s go crash some parties! 🙂

Where do you see yourself in two years?

I have so many goals I want to accomplish, but I know it will take a long time to accomplish them and then new goals will be set along the way. So let’s just hope for the best and see where I’m at in 2 years… 😉

Talk about responding/replying to your fans on Twitter etc

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook knows I try to reply back to my fans. Almost everyday Twitter blocks me because I always hit their “daily tweet limit”, which is BS. Haha. I love talking with my Party Crashers (which is what I call my fans) because their my family and they know that. I’ve even had a chance to call a few up on the phone. We had some amazing conversations! There are a lot of up and coming artists that rarely or flat out don’t connect with their fans and that annoys me. All the fans want is a hi and thank you… plus it’s the least you can do for them supporting your career.
Find out more:
Check out Vacuum below:

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