Monthly Archives: June 2012

Alexandra Burke – Heartbreak On Hold

  After promoting her debut album to double-Platinum status, the last couple of years have been quiet for former X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke. Stories of record label conflicts have swamped the press, and many were left wondering if a second album would happen at all. Then she released ‘Elephant‘ in March, a song that pleased fans and critics alike, and coasted into the top five. The album it’s pulled from, Heartbreak On Hold, is released on Monday, and is already garnering heaps of praise.

The album as a whole is influenced by 90’s dance music, samples of which seem to be cropping up in a substantial amount of songs this year. Current single ‘Let It Go’ deserves to be performing much better than it currently is, as it features one of her best vocal performances yet, as well as an addictive beat. The poor radio airplay of the two singles is suspicious to say the least. Opening track ‘Heartbreak On Hold’ is the standout choice for single number three, club-ready and current, with a fantastic vocal throughout.  ‘Oh La La‘ is another banger, a track that samples a well known dance track, yet manages to carve its own identity. A couple of duff tracks is forgivable on a 16 track record.

The album is out on Monday.