Charlotte Church – ‘One’ EP

At the age of only 26, Charlotte Church has lived a life many would die for; she possesses an enviable discography of successful albums, has performed in front of hundreds of thousands, and owns a powerful voice that has yet to let her down. On the downside, her life over the years has been ripped apart and even hacked into, evidenced by her part in the Leveson inquiry this year. Her growth from ‘voice of an angel’, to ‘crazy chick’ was documented and covered on a scale perhaps only equal to Britney Spears own tabloid troubles. After joining the pop scene in 2005 with ‘Tissues and Issues’, she was a fully fledged adult. Her next album wouldn’t be until 2010, instead she focused on a successful channel 4 talk show, and raising her children. At the same time, I craved a chance to experience her voice live. I got my chance last month in Leeds.

At the Brudenell Social Club, Church showcased a collection of entirely new material, and absolutely no past singles, instead focusing on her new direction; (I resisted the urge to request Brave New World or Unfaithful, instead focusing my energy into buying every item of merchandise – twice). The intimate setting allowed her voice and personality to shine, the star reaching notes I couldn’t believe with ease and confidence. Sometimes I hear a studio voice so much I open myself to disappointment when I hear it live. Charlotte somehow manages to beat her studio recordings.

This was my first experience of a gig where I wouldn’t be familiar with any of the material, and I was blown away. The new EP, titled One, is available for pre-order on iTunes, with a release date of September 3rd. The tracks are current single How Not To Be Surprised When You’re A Ghost, Say It’s True, The Rise and Beautiful Wreck. All were performed at the gig, with The Rise being a standout.

Forget what you think you know about her, and give the songs a chance. You won’t regret it.


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