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Sugababes – Killa’ On The Run (written by Bruno Mars)

Written by Bruno Mars and cut from their seventh record Sweet 7. Great track!

Thanks to TheLastSugababe for the info!

Rihanna – Talk That Talk (November 21st)

  Does this woman ever take a break? She’s released albums consecutively for the past three years, and spent the two years before that promoting her Good Girl Gone Bad record. Yes she has minimal creative input on her records, but even recording and promotion is a tiring process. After her 2010 effort Loud sold millions around the globe, Rihanna is back, with her latest offering ‘Talk That Talk’, which partly leaked onto the internet this morning. Mere minutes after the files were uploaded, Twitter exploded, as well as a fan war between Beyoncé and Lady GaGa fans vs Rihanna’s. As the final single from her previous album was only released two months ago, many wondered whether this record would be a muddled affair, rush released to capitalise on christmas sales. These fears were calmed slightly when lead single We Found Love topped charts worldwide. As only nine tracks out of fourteen have currently found their way onto the net, I can only judge based on them.

Cover art

I’ll say straight away that there really are no bad tracks on this record (so far!), and it is perhaps her best effort since 2008’s Rated R, which managed to spawn numerous hits despite the relative dark nature of the album. Stand out tracks are definitely Talk That Talk, which, although featuring a Jay Z rap, manages to belong entirely to Rihanna, who seems to never fail to display her considerable swagger. If there’s a flaw, it’s that, due to the structure, it feels more like a Jay Z song with Rihanna as the guest star. Where Have You Been is another stunner, and would have been a much better first single, despite the success of We Found Love. Roc Me Out and You Da One are similarly thunderous, the latter in particular blending island and dubstep vibes perfectly.

Out on November 21st (officially), the album is bound to be a massive seller, and continue Rihanna’s claim to be one of the reigning Queen’s of music.
Full review will follow upon official release…

Madonna – ‘Give Me All Your Love’ first impressions

  Madonna has a lot to prove. After the lukewarm reception to her 2008 album Hard Candy, both critically and commercially, all eyes will be on her when she unleashes her next record. A demo version of the albums first single, Give Me All Your Love, not due to be premiered officially until the beginning of 2012, has leaked online, minus the confirmed features from MIA and Nicki Minaj.



Initial reaction to the track appears to lean slightly more to the negative side, with even her most loyal of fans noting how for possibly the first time in her career, she seems to be moving backwards.  Whilst songs should never be judged in demo form, fan-bases for bigger acts tend to over analyse them, anxious to avoid disappointment from their favourite acts.

  As for the song, it appears that the producer Martin Solveig has taken perhaps a little too much inspiration from his radio hit ‘Hello’, as there are a few striking similarities between the two tracks. However it is worth noting that with three months between now and the songs actual release, these similarities could be altered, smoothed or even removed. On a more positive note, Madonna’s vocals on the track are perhaps her best since Ray Of Light, displaying a surprisingly youthful tone which is reminiscent of her late eighties and early nineties hits. Despite this plus point, the track is let down substantially by the lyrics, particularly the opening, although once again the track may be changed drastically. It is certainly difficult to imagine where Nicki Minaj and MIA will fit in the track, primarily because, as the track stands, it would not be very appropriate for either artist to feature.